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Thank you for being here!

Hi! I'm Fiona, a Barbadian graphic designer who loves to design and make things - and I mean - really love to make things! I always had this desire to sell handmade paper goods, but I never pursued it, so I decided that it was about time to listen to my heart. On July 13th, 2023, Stickers By Sami was born! Welcome ☺︎

This shop was created with a few goals in mind - to spread joy, empower & inspire – hence why you have a plethora of niches available to you, including creations inspired by my favorite artist, Taylor - huge Swiftie over here, HI!

When you shop with Stickers By Sami, you're not just buying a simple product. You're buying an item that was created with careful thought and love from start to finish by real life people with some really big dreams ♡

Have fun browsing and thank you so much for stopping by and supporting me as I grow!


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Artboard 1

The stickers were amazing! For anyone that loved the Eras tour movie or just Taylor, they’re great!! 10/10 recommend these stickers!! Amazing!!!

Artboard 1

So beautiful! I’ve used them on my planner cover to make it so I’m happy every time I use them and I plan to decorate my water bottle next.

Artboard 1

Stunning stickers of beautiful premium quality. Now all I have to do is figure out where to stick them.